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PRIMAR – IT, operating in the IT industry since 1994, offers products and services in the field of widely understood computerization of companies, in accordance with the latest technologies and standards in this field. Our company’s goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive IT services.

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Handwritten electronic signature

A handwritten biometric signature (digital signature) is a unique technology for digitally signing electronic documents using a special device called a Pen Pad or tablet.

Service management systems and ITIL

We offer advanced helpdesk systems, supporting the work of technical assistance services, with additional modules.

Network security

We offer professional systems for the protection and monitoring of computer networks.

CCTV video monitoring systems

The video monitoring systems offered by Primar-IT are highly specialized hardware solutions that enable constant preview and recording of images from video cameras.

Data backup and archiving systems

We deal with backup and recovery of data and entire systems with applications and settings (system recovery).

Supply and installation of computer hardware and software

We provide computer hardware and software from reputable companies.

Virtualization systems

Thanks to virtualization on x86 computers, many applications and operating systems can now be run, and the entire infrastructure becomes simpler and more efficient.

IT services and implementation of IT systems

We provide IT services and implement IT systems.