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PRIMAR – IT, operating in the IT industry since 1994, offers products and services in the field of widely understood computerization of companies, in accordance with the latest technologies and standards in this field. Our company’s goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive IT services.

Our services:

Supply and installation of computer hardware and software.

Design and installation of IT infrastructure and LAN computer networks.

Computer network security systems: FireWall, Antivirus, AntySpam, IDS / IPS.

Remote network access systems, connection encryption, VPN.

Implementation of IT systems, office and business applications.

Supervision and technical service.

Service care and administration of IT systems.

Advice on the selection of IT solutions for companies.

The PRIMAR-IT offer is addressed mainly to companies looking for good and proven solutions for outsourcing IT services. We competently maintain the efficiency of computer equipment, systems and network infrastructure. We always try to ensure high efficiency and reliability of systems, while minimizing the related costs. This means convenience and savings for our clients, consisting in transferring all IT-related issues outside the company.

Our offer includes solutions that we adapt to the requirements of our clients and the specifics of their activities – from the construction and supervision of computer networks, through the installation and delivery of computer hardware, IT systems, implementation of utility applications, safe connection to the Internet, to administrative supervision and service care.

Each of our projects is carried out in close cooperation with our clients, which is why we offer services and products well suited to their needs. Thus, we contribute to increasing work efficiency, improving the quality and security of information processing and circulation in the Company. We make sure that every client is satisfied with our services and recommends us to his business partners without hesitation.